We are transitioning urban entrepreneurs into the legal market under our GoVerde Incubator for compliant manufacturing  and distributions operations. 
Current product brands are now developed with Hemp CBD and will be branded as Cannabis CBD and THC products once they are on-board.

Tawaina Wiggns, Dispensary Owner

and Grower of Hemp & Cannabis

Cannabis/Hemp Products

Dude and Carla Master Growers,Cultivators and Educators Blazwells

LaSonia Wiggins, Creator of Happy Healers

and Sonia's Special Ed's

Tammy,DeJa & Keisha are the main ingredients of Cali's Green Life

Diamond J

Creator/Manufacture of Pocket Punch


John and Tyla Salley Owners of Duece 22

Premium/Speciality Flowers

LaSonia Wiggins, Sonia Special Eds

CBD Product & Specialities

Calis's Green Life THC infused Edibles

Pocket Punch. THC Beverage Product

Cannabis Lifestyle brand