Chonsie Bullock is the founder of GHLA. GHLA is a Los Angeles based micro business that
specializes in every aspect of the Cannabis Industry from Cultivation to Retail/Delivery.

Chonsie is an entrepreneur in various businesses for over 20 years based in the greater Los
Angeles area, and has been a driving force in the cannabis industry since 2011. Through her
ownership and direct management of multiple businesses in the inner city of Los Angeles,
Chonsie has provided employment to disenfranchised residents impacted by the war on drugs.
As an entrepreneur, she personally provides mentorship, resources and training not only in the
cannabis industry, but in the automotive industry, cosmetology, and overall professional

While her drive has led to her many professional accomplishments, what ignited her passion in
the cannabis industry is its therapeutic value to patients suffering from a variety of debilitating
conditions. She has teamed with doctors to better understand the endocannabinoid system and
how the body works with treatment of CBD and THC. In her 30+ years’ experience in retail
management she is excelled as a Sales Manager, Regional Manager, and District Manager,
overseeing multiple locations in 3 states.

Chonsie is a California native. She attended elementary, Junior High, High School and College in Southern California. Having been impacted directly by the war on drugs in Los Angeles. She is
an eligible Social Equity Applicant. She is open to Partnerships, Ventures and Expansions.

Chonsie is the Founder of the Black Women Cannabis Council, and is currently a member of the
following organizations:

California Minority Alliance                     
The Black Women Cannabis Council        
The Green Believers                               
Go Verde NAACP

United Cannabis Business Association

Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force

Neighborhood Watch

US Women's Council